Our Values

1) Live for Leisure
We believe in quality of life and the importance of a rewarding leisure time within a healthy work-life balance.

2) Love and Support Norfolk
We take pride in our home county and support its community and economy by passionately promoting its quality independent businesses and venues.

3) Only the Elite
We’re committed to ensuring you have only positive experience of Norfolk which is why we carefully select only the finest venues and establishments offering you choice without stress
• Entry onto the website cannot be ‘bought’ if our criteria for entry is not met, thus ensuring our ‘finest’ status remains strong.

4) Independent Insider Knowledge
We provide detailed expert knowledge of Norfolk from an insider’s perspective that is completely independent and entirely based on direct personal experience.
• We never include on the website anywhere we have not experienced and enjoyed ourselves.
• All reviews are written by locals who live and breathe Norfolk
• Our website is not affiliated to any tourism related agency or company.

About Me

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A freelance writer, beach bum and lover of the finer things in life, I am an expert on Norfolk. I’ve lived here all my life and spend my leisure time drifting along its shorelines, sailing on its Broads, visiting its cultural attractions and hanging out at its best coffee shops and restaurants. In short, I love, live and breathe Norfolk.
Always intent on discovering the very best and finest that Norfolk has to offer, I never return to a place unless it exceeds my expectations. Norfolk has some real hidden gems – I couldn’t justify keeping them all to myself. For the sake of my hideaway anonymity though, please don't all invade at once.

If you are interested in finding out more about me, please visit my personal website www.dianeshortland.co.uk