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Claire’s Norfolk Nibbles


Tel: 07810 098303

Email: [email protected]



Creative flair meets cooking finesse: from birthday cakes to canapés and everything in between. Claire’s Norfolk Nibbles are more affordable than you think!



Claire's Norfolk Nibbles - Dersingham

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Where to find it

Based in Dersingham, Claire Bunton runs her Norfolk Nibbles business from home where she makes all her food from scratch. You can order online and have your goods delivered to your door or give her a call and collect them yourself. Friendly, approachable and bursting with enthusiasm for all things edible, Claire prides herself on working with you to meet your exact requirements on every order; whether it’s a buffet for 100 guests or just half a dozen cupcakes – you get her undivided attention, no job is too small.


What to expect

I have been fortunate enough to know Claire and enjoy her cooking for a number of years now so when she told me she’d decided to make her dream a reality and open up her own catering business, I was not only delighted for her but adamant it should appear on Finest of Norfolk. With her incredible cooking skills and impeccable organisation I knew this was a winning combination and as Claire’s Norfolk Nibbles goes from strength to strength, I pride myself on my judgement to spot an empire in the making.


Claire is a perfectionist, verging on obsessive-compulsive if you see her structured kitchen, which means she will meet your vision head-on and deliver. Rest assured, if it’s not perfect she’ll stay up all night until it is because she does it as much for her own achievement as your expectations. So when it comes to quality homemade food, you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ll receive nothing but the best. For example, I’m blessed to receive a birthday cake from her to accompany my annual themed party and every year she arrives with an offering that has us all in awe; a piece of artwork with the added bonus of being edible.


What can you buy here?

What I like the most about Claire’s Norfolk Nibbles, apart from the taste and presentation which is on a par with any professional bakers or deli I’ve come across, is that no job is considered too small. This is refreshing in an age of recession where money is tight for many of us. It means there’s an opening for everyone to experience Claire’s delights. Maybe you’ve been invited somewhere and asked to ‘bring a cake’ but baking really isn’t your thing, or you’ve a family members’ milestone birthday or anniversary coming up and you want an affordable gathering without the stress of preparing it yourself. Or your child is requesting a cake design that you’ve simply no idea where to start – Claire can offer her angel wings, breeze in and remove all your worries in an instant.


As well as being hugely competent on a larger scale, more classic cold buffet, she also excels at the small day-to-day needs of us all. Claire’s Norfolk Nibbles is the kind of business card you keep on the fridge to call upon often as you make your way through life and its varying events and celebrations, big and small. An SOS for all your catering needs.


The details

Claire’s product list includes cold buffets, cakes, cupcakes, puddings, desserts and canapés. She also offers children’s parties, candy buffets, adult themed parties and dinner party support. Call for a personalised quote and discuss your individual needs.