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Passion for agricultural, industrial work and landscape photography; I love getting out into the countryside.

Also cover all aspects of photography and are happy to take varying commissions as I like nothing more than a good challenge.

Digitalshot Photography

Digitalshot is Paul Lilley, I'm a Norfolk based photographer, who enjoys getting out with my cameras whenever I can. Living in the beautiful Norfolk countryside allows me to indulge in my own passion for agricultural and landscape photography. My young family keep me on my toes and we love to get out in the countryside around us.


The areas of photography I also enjoy are landscape and seascapes, and I specialise in Agriculture & Industrial work.  The images here will give you some idea of the work I do, and examples of more can be found on my website, with more available upon request.


My work to date includes commissioned projects, documentary, commercial, editorial, wall art, postcards, greetings cards, posters & flyers, DVD Cases & more besides. I have undertaken several photographic restoration works for clients who have had badly damaged and old photographs they wished to have printed and mounted for wall display. This I have found very satisfying although intensive work, the final results make it worth it.


Although I enjoy the agricultural and industrial side of my work, I cover all aspects of photography and like nothing more than an interesting challenge, so as a  business out there in this current climate if you are looking to maximise your market presence, however big or small your business I can put together a package to suit, at reasonable and competitive rates, or as an individual looking for something special for your home or as a gift for somebody else, then please contact me & I will help you find the right image.


What should you expect from me? The very highest in standards & care, all my photography is taken to the highest standard & all my customers/clients are treated with the highest respect & first class care.




If you're a Norfolk based Artist and would like to profile your work on Finest of Norfolk, please get in touch to find out more: [email protected]

Happisburgh lighthouse A Touch of Claas - Claas Lexion 470 Combine Harves 'Sunny Delight' Oilseed Rape

A Touch of Claas

The conditions were great for this shoot, I really could not have asked for better!

Sunny Delight

This is Oil Seed Rape in bloom, this was taken near to Lessingham in Norfolk, these always look impressive sights & it's hard to not photograph them.





This was taken near to East Runton, the field had just been bailed & was previously wheat.

Massey Frguson 575 'British Icon'

Massey Ferguson 575 'A British Icon'

A true classic of the 70's & 80's, everybody has seen one of these at some point, for me it was during my childhood years!



New Holland TX63 Brining In Barley


New Holland TX63

The combine is seen here near to Stalham bringing in Barley at the start of the 2012 harvest, the harvest in general turned out to be one of the worst on record due to the amount of rain we had in the UK.


Cutting Deck & Header


Cutting Deck & Header

This is the business end of a combine harvester,where the crop is gently pulled into the machine & the stems cut.



John Deere 8345R

The tractor here is seen ploughing during a Pea harvest,the harvesters were working against the clock & the farmer wanted the field returned to soil as fast as possible, so around 20 machines were all in the field at once! Some harvesting,ploughing,drilling & carting.




John Deere 8345R Cow Parsley At Sunset A Norfolk Classic -Poppy Barn Owl (Tyto alba) Red Sky At Dusk

Red Sky At Dusk

This sky was all over in under 4 minutes!






Cow Parslet At Sunset

A favourite of almost everybody who see's it! My aim here was to have a different kind of sunset image, so I chose to blow out the sky to create a striking image & it's worked with great effect.





Norfolk Poppy Images

Macro images of a traditional Norfolk Poppy,it was a long wait for a day with no wind, but I got these while on location for another shoot, so I was lucky!





Barn owl (Tyto Alba)

Some people ask if this was a 'Photoshop' image, but it's not, it's 100% direct from the camera, not touched at all! The black background is actually trees & bushes thrown out of focus & the bird was lit up perfectly using natural light.





Connemara Horsey Windpump Looking Seaward From The Sails Sea of Colour



Connemara Horse with his bridle on against a blue sky. The main focus being on his eye.






Horsey Windpump

This is looking towards the sea from the top of Horsey windpump, a lovely image with great depth. It just all came together, it was also very windy up there that day & I wanted it to come together as fast as possible!!








Sea Of Colour

A great variety of plant & insect in there! This was one of those 'almost missed' shots, I was in the car on my way somewhere else when I spotted this from the window,so I headed back & got the camera out!









Prices: Prices vary, so contact me & we can discuss your needs.



All images are subject to copyright: ©P.Lilley/digitalshot.co.uk