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Beach and Sea  2AAB copy (2)
Boat on the broads 1 copy (2)

Boat on the Broads 1

This is loosely based on a painting by Monet that I have adapted

Beach and Sea

This is a scene based on the coast last Christmas when the sea was perfectly calm but there was also snow on the beach

Before the storm copy (2)

Before the Storm

A typical seascape, I love painting skies and seeing the picture develop as I apply the paint.

Beach with Flowers copy (2)

Beach with Flowers

I have tried to capture the feel of a really bright sunny day at the beach and the way that the light makes everything so stark and sharp.

Boats 2 copy (2)

Boats 2

This is part of a series that I have just finished.The aim was to reduce the elements down to their bare essentials, capturing the movement and the reflections of the boats

Boat 1 copy (2)

Boat1 copy

This is a painting that was commissioned by a client for their living room and was painted to a specific size.I have used the paint in thick layers to capture the feel of the sea and the waves around the boat.Each canvas was 800mm x 800mm in size, so quite large

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