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Stuart Roy


Booton, Norfolk

Tel: 01638 510098

Mob: 07836777213

Email: [email protected]



Large canvas work with acrylics - paintings that capture elements of the Norfolk coastline and landscape concentrating on colours and the way they work together to create the atmosphere of a scene rather than making a direct copy.

Stuart Roy Paintings

Stuart studied fine art whilst at university in Wales and exhibited his work across the country. He started to use photographs for the basis of his paintings and quickly became involved in photography on a professional level.

As well as selling fine art photography, he worked in the West Midlands as a freelance advertising photographer, taking product and PR shots for brochures and various publications.


When he settled in Norfolk the move re-ignited his interest in painting-the pace of life is so different it is not surprising that this is reflected in Stuart’s work. Although big skies, wide sands and the unique lighting of the Norfolk coast may seem descriptive clichés at times, it is this and the very landscapes of the area that inspire Stuart in many of his paintings.

As an artist he is constantly developing his personal style and exploring new ways of creating work to capture the atmosphere and colour of a seascape. Stuart participates in Norfolk Open Studios and has had work accepted for the 2012 Royal Norfolk Show.


He is always keen to take on new challenges and recently took part in the ‘Horse About Newmarket’ initiative for which he painted a full size horse that was displayed in Newmarket over the summer and was then sold for charity. He has just completed painting a full size Gorilla as part of the GoGo Gorilla charity event that will take place in Norwich over the summer of 2013.

He has work in a range of Galleries across the country including Holkham Hall where he demonstrates his painting style and techniques in their shop.







If you're a Norfolk based Artist and would like to profile your work on Finest of Norfolk, please get in touch to find out more: [email protected]

Self photo 2 copy (2) Beach and Sea  2AAB copy (2)

Beach and Sea

This is a scene based on the coast last Christmas when the sea was perfectly calm but there was also snow on the beach

Boat on the broads 1 copy (2)

Boat on the Broads 1

This is loosely based on a painting by Monet that I have adapted

Beach with Flowers copy (2)

Beach with Flowers

I have tried to capture the feel of a really bright sunny day at the beach and the way that the light makes everything so stark and sharp.


Before the storm copy (2)

Before the Storm

A typical seascape, I love painting skies and seeing the picture develop as I apply the paint.



Boat 1 copy (2)

Boat1 copy

This is a painting that was commissioned by a client for their living room and was painted to a specific size.I have used the paint in thick layers to capture the feel of the sea and the waves around the boat.Each canvas was 800mm x 800mm in size, so quite large



Boats 2 copy (2)

Boats 2

This is part of a series that I have just finished.The aim was to reduce the elements down to their bare essentials, capturing the movement and the reflections of the boats




Boat on a lake 1A copy (2)

Boat on a lake 1A

This is a recent picture where I deliberately set out to use extremely vivid colours





Beach Huts 2 copy (2)

Beach Huts 2

This is roughly based on the Beach huts at Wells while combining them with a sea and sky view that is typically Norfolk






Boats on water 1 copy (2)

Boat on water 1

Part of a series, as Boats 2 above





Reeds and Sky copy (2)

Reeds and Sky

I took some photographs of the reeds at cley and wanted to combine them with a dramatic sky






Sea and Houses 2A copy (2)

Sea and houses

This picture is based on a view of the coast that you can see as you head north as you come out of Sheringham





Winter Beach and Sea copy (2)

Winter Beach

This is a large painting at 1000mm x 1000mm and I just wanted to create a bold dramatic image by using strong blues that were offset by the thick white of the beach.






Stuart says "Price wise I am reasonably flexible. All my pictures are original acrylics on deep boxed canvas's, with painted edges, so whilst they are unframed they come ready to hang and look modern and contemporary.


They range in price from around the £80 mark up to just under £400 for a picture that is 1000mm x 1000mm.Beach with flowers is around £385 whilst boat on a lake is around £185.


I am open to offers on my work. I feel that my prices are realistic and offer a high quality painting at a fair price both for myself and a the customer".

Beach Huts Clover card 1 copy (2)GoGoGorilla

All the above images are copyrighted to Stuart Roy and may not be copied or used without his consent.

Salthouse 2A copy Salthouse 3 copy

Salthouse 2A

Salthouse 3