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The Galley

43 Lower Street


NR12 9AH

Tel: 01692 630088




A delightful family run deli selling all manner of delicious homemade quality produce as well as an art gallery bistro cafe and gift shop all under one roof – a first class establishment that will have you planning your next visit before you’ve even left!

The Galley - Horning

Where to find it

The Galley is one of those treasured finds you crave on a holiday or day out. The type you come across whilst wandering along that brings an instant feel good factor to your leisure time. I’d like to say this hidden gem was my discovery alone but this deli already has an impeccable reputation to both locals and those that have been lucky enough to stumble upon its treasures whilst exploring the Broads. The village of Horning is often overshadowed by Wroxham, the flagship centre of the Norfolk waterways, but its neighbour, just 3 miles away – around 60-90 minutes by boat – is a quaint and pleasing location that is well worth a stop off or even worthy of planning your entire cruising holiday around. This deli will certainly take care of all your supply needs and provide you with a delicious hamper of varying treats for your travels.


What to expect

The outside shows promise as you approach but nothing prepares you for venturing inside; the second you open the door you are greeted with a wealth of sensory delights. Immediately in front of you is the deli area, which the owner, Wendy Timewell, first began eight years ago now. A keen experimenter and with a strong interest in good quality food, she taught herself to cook all that she sells today. Her approach is simple: never cut corners; always produce the best quality produce possible. “If you do it yourself, you know it’s the standard you expect”. This philosophy has gained her a huge customer following and her business continues to expand every year.


People flock here for the food, there’s no doubt about that, but there’s something special about this place above and beyond that. The shop feels warm, friendly and inviting, and you find yourself staying as long as possible. I’m clearly not alone in this view as a very successful bistro art cafe now exists to the left of the shop and to the right a labyrinth of gifts to browse around. All these upgrades have been welcomed by visitors to form what has become the full ‘galley’ experience. This place isn’t to be rushed, but to be enjoyed.


What can you buy here?

Everything you’d expect from a deli is here, plus many more things on top of that. From cakes, pastries and scones, to pork pies, sausage rolls and their legendary ‘Hornish’ pasties that are known for miles around. Artisan bread and rolls are on sale, as well as a wide selection of olives, stuffed peppers and their famous ‘Galley Yummy Mix’. Cheese lovers will be in heaven; they sell a large variety of specialist cheeses from all over the country that you wouldn’t find in a supermarket. They have many Norfolk offerings including a Mardler goat’s cheese, the Norfolk Dapple, Binham Blue, and Copy’s Cloud.


Charcuterie is another area they excel in with salami, pancetta, chorizo, and ham on the bone. They have a large selection of wines, specialist whisky and cordials, and sell leaf teas and freshly ground coffee that is also sold by the bean. Crackers, chutneys, olive oils, mustards, beans and lentils line the shelves, as well as a counter full of Norfolk county ice cream. Not your average flavours though, for Wendy likes to offer something a little bit special, so expect to discover taste sensations such as mango alphonse, Christmas pudding, apricot and brandy, and coconut and cream.


Eat in or take away

If you’re in a rush or fancy munching your lunch on the water’s edge, you’ll find an extensive take away menu that includes crayfish sandwich, Cromer crab, and salami Milano baguettes. If you’ve time to experience the art cafe though, you’ll not be disappointed. It’s a lovely room to eat fine food in and sit and admire artist’s work for sale. You can choose to eat anything from the deli or make a decision from the all day brunch menu. Offerings include an organic fair-trade English breakfast, fruit scone served with homemade Galley jam, duck and cointreau pate, or their Wherryman’s speciality: pork pie, local cheese, salad, balsamic onions and chutney served with hot crusty bread. The list is endless but I’m sure you’re salivating already so I need not go on.


The perfect place for souvenir gifts

The fact that this deli sells quality giftware too is an added bonus. You’ll find all manner of present ideas here. Wendy began by showcasing Spanish pottery and local china, but now has a vast selection of products, many along the chabby chic decor line. She goes to London fairs to bring back fresh stock, buying what she likes so it’s all personal taste. Always looking for new designers and suppliers her two daughters Candice and Camilla like to get involved too; this is very much a family business and whilst others work here too, they all speak highly of their employer. Ryan O’Brien, a part time helper, described the place as “an extended family” and you’ll get a sense of that vibe too as soon as you set foot inside. I really can’t recommend this place enough so stop reading and get yourself down to Horning to experience The Galley first hand.


The details

The Galley is open seven days a week, 9am to 5pm. They also do outside catering and will post out produce to you on request.



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