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Beach Wheelchairs for Norfolk

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Let’s help make Norfolk beaches accessible for all...


Today I was introduced to a young woman who is an

inspiration to us all. She is bed bound with a long term

illness of 13 years and is fast approaching her 30th birthday.

We tend to plan something special for such a landmark

event but when you’re very ill it’s not easy coming up with

a suitable celebration. Vikki George has big plans however,

she’s devised a list of 30 wishes but here comes the twist –

she has these plans in her head but is stuck 24/7 in a hospital

bed. So we need to do them for her!


No 3 on her list is as follows:

“I would like to raise funds for a beach wheelchair for disabled

visitors and locals to North Norfolk to use for free. I need to

raise £6000 (£12,000 for two ideally) for a special chair that

can be pushed on sand and various terrains, it can even go

into the sea. The chair has a tilt/recline function which some

people require due to their disability and for others it’s just nice

to lay back on the beach. It also has a parasol for when the sun

comes out!"


"I have selected Wells-next-the-Sea beach as it’s somewhere I have happy memories of with my Nan; we used to go there a lot until she stopped being able to walk. She passed away this year after a 50 year battle with MS and I would like to do it in memory of her. I know she would love people to be able to have fun because of her. Wells beach is a stunning place but for most disabled people they only get to see the car park!”


Currently the only beach in Norfolk to have the facility of such a chair is Great Yarmouth. After talking with Vikki, we decided that ideally Norfolk could benefit from two more chairs, first one in Wells – as per Vikki’s wishes - and then one around the Heacham/Hunstanton area.


How you can help

£12,000 or even £6,000 is a lot of money to raise but with community spirit and generosity for a good cause, we believe it is possible!


If you wish to make a donation, please log on to:



If you are able to help fundraise or are a business willing to help

through sponsorship etc, please get in touch:

 [email protected]


The wheelchairs will need a location to be stored in and help in

running the 'Brenda’s Beach Chair’ service to disabled visitors

– if you are local to Norfolk and able to help in any way, please do

not hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]


If you’d like to find out more about Vikki and her 30 wishes log on to: http://my30wishes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/the-wishes.html


                                                                                                                                                                                    Connor enjoying his local beach wheelchair


Making a real difference

"A day at the seaside is a treat that many of us take for granted, but for many wheelchair users in this country, this past time is only a distant dream. Standard wheelchairs are not beach-friendly. Having the oppertunity to have access to a beach wheelchair allows the user to enjoy a day at the seaside with friends, family or simple alone; a small activity with huge benefits."

Alison Cornford, Occupational Therapist


"Walking on the beaches in Norfolk has always been my favourite thing to do but ever since my health detioriated I have been forced to sit on a bench or in the car and watch whilst my family go out on the sand and enjoy themselves. Having a beach wheelchair available would enable me to join my family and enjoy my trips to the beach once more which is something I haven't been able to do for years." Catherine Bowden

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